Vitamin D Testing

Vitamin D is one of my top supplement recommendations for my clients.

Why you may ask?  Well, not only are the majority of Americans lacking this important nutrient but Vitamin D has proven to be essential for:

  • bone health
  • immune health
  • cardiovascular function
  • brain development
  • anti-cancer benefits

How do I get Vitamin D?

 Sunlight Exposure 

Our modern life means (and these are just among the few reasons):

  • more jobs are indoors
  • more people are living in cities
  • increased fear of skin cancer
  • increased use of electronics indoors

More time indoors leads to less time for sun exposure, which is vital for proper Vitamin D production in our bodies.



Supplementation is a great option for those who do not get enough sunlight or those who are worried about exposing their skin to the sun.

Deficient Vitamin D levels are linked to many health issues such as depression, tiredness & fatigue, gut issues, obesity, bone pain, and excessive sweating among the few.

The best way to test Vitamin D levels is through the 25(OH)D blood test.  My recommendation is to get tested at least once a year, especially pregnant women and those with cancer.  Optimal Vitamin D levels may be the simple solution to many adverse health issues.

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Be Informed

Note:  You will be emailed your requisition and blood can be drawn at any Quest Laboratory near you.  Test available for those in the USA (except RI, NY, & NJ).