Smart Stocking Stuffers (no candy or junk!)

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Christmas is only a few days away which translates into _________ (fill in the blank with a noun that describes your current status).  I would fill in the blank with crunch time.  I don’t know about you but I am going non-stop trying to find those last few (ok, maybe the majority) of presents for the family.  Every Christmas, I have this vision of being prepared.  That darn vision…haha. Poof it goes.  I envy the people who have all their shopping done by December.  Pure envy.

Holiday parties and festivities have been keeping my family busy.  For my daughter, she is having the time of her life – every time we turn around someone has given her chocolate or gummy bears or cookies.  Kid bliss.  I guess there is a time and a place for everything and it is holiday time.  Just try to explain the concept of a “holiday” to a 4 year old and that candy isn’t really a food group…haha.  Parent struggles.

So in my shopping frenzy this week, I decided that I was going to fill Eva’s stocking with “cool” & “fun” items that have nothing to be do with candy, snacks, or cheap toys for me to step on.  And because many of my readers & clients are moms, aunts or grandparents – I thought I would share what I am doing this year for some inspiration.

Many of these ideas can be gifts themselves but they also fit well into a stocking which is a huge plus.  Here we go:

  1. Bath Fun – these can come in the form of organic bath bubbles ( made with all natural ingredients & essential oils) or organic bath bombs (that are also made with natural ingredients).  What kid doesn’t like some bubbles or colored water?!
  2. Electric Toothbrush – every kid needs a good toothbrush, especially after all the candy! I really love the Oral B Stages toothbrush with replaceable heads.  These are great for kiddos as you can choose from a variety of cartoon characters.  The Philips Sonicare is another affordable great one for kiddos.
  3. Fluoride-Free Toothpaste – why?  Because kids don’t spit the toothpaste out and fluoride is on the no-no list.  It’s toxic – and if your toothpaste contains fluoride it has a warning about swallowing it.  That’s a good reminder.   I love USANA’s toothpaste for our whole family and since we ran out (I’m waiting for my next package), I bought Lavera’s toothpaste which is also great (I think you can only get it in Europe though).  No artificial anything and no fluoride.
  4. Fruit Tea – the European in me is coming out! It’s very common for kids to drink fruit tea in Germany and it’s a wonderful idea.  The sweet taste of the fruit is such a treat for the kiddos without adding any sugar or juice.  Definitely a great stocking stuffer!
  5. Children’s Vitamins For those of you who have been following me know how strongly I feel about giving kiddos high-quality vitamins to supplement what they aren’t getting through their diet.  It strengthens their immune system and ensures they are getting everything they need everyday.  USANA Usaminal’s have a broad spectrum vitamin/mineral profile with antioxants – boom!
  6. Underwear & Socks – cause kiddos grow like weeds! Each year we are in need of new undies and socks.  Here are some undies for boys & girls and some socks for boys & girls that you can easily buy online.  Or you can go to H&M and get the cuties you see in the picture. Easy stocking stuffer!
  7. Reusable Water Bottle – stainless steel of course! Stainless steel is a healthy option (no BPA, endocrine disrupters or harsh chemicals), a great way to reduce waste & save money.

I probably could definitely add more the list but guess what – this is all I could get into the stocking.  There’s still time to shop and receive these gifts before Christmas – happy shopping & happy holidays!


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