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Pantry Clean-Up / Grocery Store Tour



  You’re ready to make changes to your health – not sure where to start?
  Let me help you with my pantry and fridge clean-up package and make   the positive steps towards better health.


Removal of “anti-nutrient” foods

Discuss ingredients and how to decipher labels

Discover healthier swaps

Create a list to help you stock your pantry and fridge with wholesome ingredients and items

  • Suggestions and tips for quick and healthy meals/snacks
  • Have fun!

  Pantry Clean- Up $80



  Become a skilled shopper and learn how to make better choices at the     grocery store.


Reading ingredients & labels 

Learn how to “see through” catchy health phrases and labels 

Tips on what to purchase and what to avoid 

Learn about highly nutritious foods that can be great additions to your meals 

Learn how to shop on a budget

Meal ideas 

Rediscover healthy food options and have fun! 

  Grocery Store Tour $80

    (travel rates may apply)