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6 Ingredient White Bean & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

I’m so fancy…..well, not really with this recipe.


Fancy or not, this is my go to. It’s creamy, fluffy, and made with REAL ingredients and no preservatives. And the best part is that it is 6 ingredients and it takes only 10 minutes to make. Badda bing, badda boom.

I have to say, I like my hummus with white beans more than with chickpeas. For some reason, I cannot get the chickpeas to achieve the same whipped, creamy goodness and I’m 100% OK with that.

DSCN2940 DSCN2944

I recently made this dip when my mother-in-law visited our home in Pennsylvania, and it was gone within two days. Since we use beans as a main protein source in our family, I find myself making this hummus quite often to use with veggies, on bread, crackers, pretzels, sandwiches, and anything else that we pretty much darn well please.

This is a good one to try for a party and I guarantee there will be nothing left in your container to bring home, so make extra!


Many of my readers know we are back in Germany now. We have fully adjusted to the time change, stocked the house with groceries, and are back to normal living. This also means that Dad is back to playing hockey almost every day.

Welcome back to the life of a hockey family!

The Hauner family (Toni, Christine, & Anna) is taking Eva and me to the bi-annual festival called the Dult. From a North American standpoint, it is a carnival with rides and food vendors BUT there is also a tent or two where you can drink beer and feast on some quality Bavarian food all while wearing a dirdl or lederhose. I guess this is prep for the upcoming Oktoberfest season in a few weeks. I love it!

So, I’m off to get ready!

Enjoy the hummus and Live Fresh!

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White bean & roasted red pepper hummus
5 ingredients combined to create to perfect whipped hummus. Healthy, simple, and fresh.
Prep Time 5-7 min
Cook Time 3-5 min
Prep Time 5-7 min
Cook Time 3-5 min
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