What are the Real Benefits of Going Vegan?


While the exact percentage of people that have gone vegan vary, Plant Based News recently reported numbers that show veganism is growing rapidly. They presented a range of findings, from market sales to search engine results. In the UK, plant-based food sales went up a staggering 1500% last year. In terms of vegan-related searches, Google Trends found a 90% hike in focused keywords.

All of this information proves that this healthy lifestyle is no longer just a hipster movement. It has become a common and sometimes medically recommended alternative. Health IQ even stressed that veganism can extend a person’s life expectancy. They pointed out that vegans have a 22% less chance of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer compared to meat eaters. Additionally, going vegan can decrease your risk of heart diseases by up to 24%.



A vegan lifestyle has a bevy of other benefits, too. So with that in mind, here are some wonderful benefits of going vegan shared by various medical experts.

Zero animal fats

The most common effect of veganism is the total obliteration of animal products from your diet. Medical News Today stated that animal meat make up 13 out of the top 15 sources of cholesterol-raising fats in the States. The vegan lifestyle can moderate your cholesterol levels, lowering your susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases as well as other chronic diseases effecting our population today.

Strengthens your bones

Just because cow’s milk isn’t part of veganism doesn’t mean you have to go without calcium to maintain bones strength. Vegans actually have more sources of calcium than just dairy. Food such as figs, kale, spinach, black-eyed peas, and turnip greens are all great alternatives to cow’s milk as well as soy and almond milk. And let’s not forgot vegan cheese.

More nutrients

Healthline highlighted that a vegan diet can be richer in certain nutrients. If you’re transitioning from meat to veganism, there are substitutes available to ease you in. The usual replacements are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Since these food groups will dominate your diet, you are more likely to double your intake in terms of the vitamins and nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, and potassium that you’re putting in your body. Amazing!

Helps your kidneys work properly

Being vegan can also improve kidney function. Reports show that replacing meat with plant protein aids in preventing kidney diseases. This is especially vital for diabetics, considering they’re prone to kidney complications. Veganism was even discovered to be effective in easing systemic distal polyneuropathy symptoms, which causes pain for diabetics.

If you’re still hesitant to go vegan, reach out to
and I can help you discover the positive effects of it in terms of long-term health. Veganism has boundless ways to keep your body fit and healthy. Don’t think of veganism as a totally different world, but rather a healthy substitute for your eating habits. You might even find it works better for you than your previous diet!


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