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It’s time for giving BACK!

” It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

It surely is! 🎄

What comes to mind during this time of year?  Family, friends, cheer, holiday parties, egg nog, holiday meals, presents, holiday decorations, good wine…the list can go on.  When money and time is tight – charitable giving is often the last thing thought about when there are 10 other mouths to feed and 20 other people to buy gifts for.

Sure we all love gifts – but for the past few years, my focus has shifted.  I’m fortunate for so many reasons.  I have too much and only need a little – the common problem for most people.  Not only has this change lowered my holiday stress level but it has allowed me the time to give back – whether it be volunteering or raising money for those in need.  I no longer cringe when others ask me “what I got for Christmas” because it’s not about that anymore – it’s about “what I gave to those less fortunate.”

This year, my offer is: Giving the Gift of Health – to yourself & a child in need

10% of all my sales until December 21,2016 will go to the Children’s Hunger Fund.  This includes any of my Nutrition Programs, Metabolic Balance® Program, Nutritionals, and Gift Certificates (contact me to purchase these).

There are so many children out there that need more than just a present and with your help we can provide this.

Happy Holidays!

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